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Promotional and Link Sites

There are a lot of sites available to you to increase your traffic.  There are numerous sites that list only singles sites.   If you put their logo on your site, they will list you.  You can also join in banner exchange programs to try to increase your traffic.  Below we will give you links to many ways to get traffic other than search engines.

  • Dating Directories  -   Here is a list of dating directories from the dmoz directory.  Keep in mind, you may have to put their logo on your site to get listed!  Not your partner site, but the site you use for promotion to link to your partner site.

  • Banner Exchanges   -  A list of banner exchanges from dmoz.  A banner exchange is when you show one or two banners on your site, your banner then is shown on someone else's site.  Probably the largest and most well-known exchange is Link Exchange.

  • ECNow -  A list of other methods you can use to drive traffic to your site.


Spamming will not be tolerated.  You may NOT send mass unsolicited email on the internet with the intent to promote your partner site.  Spamming is not allowed to generate traffic.  Spamming of any kind will cause for us to remove you from the program immediately.  You, like most of us, probably receive many emails every day that are simply unwanted junk spam mail.  We do not like it and want to help to put a stop to it.  Thank you.